White Paper - 13th July 2020


This report is the outcome of the “Irregular Giving Project”, which was begun by Fundraising Partners Consultancy during the pause in face to face fundraising due to the COVID19 pandemic which began in March 2020.


The Irregular Giving Project sprang from a realisation, based on the work of Fundraising Partners and consistent feedback from respected members of the non-profit sector, that face to face fundraising in Australia is in danger of becoming unviable within the foreseeable future.

Facing this possibility and recognising the critical contribution of face to face fundraising to charity income, Fundraising Partners decided that allowing face to face fundraising to continue to decline in quality and in results was not an acceptable option.

The Irregular Giving Project was launched to investigate whether things were as bad as they seemed, why this was and most importantly, how we can do better and ensure the long-term viability of this essential form of fundraising.


This report is the first result of the Project – it reflects what we’ve been told by more than 150 people in our sector.

It shows that change is possible. When done well, Face to face fundraising can still be the cornerstone of high-quality regular giving fundraising for many years to come if we change and if we change soon.

With gratitude for their commitment and expertise to everyone who has participated (so far…)

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Adam Watson MFIA

Peter Coleman PhD, MFIA

Paul Tavatgis MFIA