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As the Irregular Giving Project has engaged with stakeholders throughout the tele-fundraising sector, it has become apparent that there are many gaps in industry knowledge when it comes to the quality and retention of regular donors acquired via phone. It is also clear that regular donor attrition in this space is trending in a negative direction.

As tele-fundraising becomes increasingly relied upon as a source of regular giving revenue, it is critical that the drivers of donor quality and retention through this channel are better understood.

In order to ‘fill the gaps’ and improve our collective understanding of phone-acquired regular donors, the Irregular Giving Project is launching a product specifically designed to explore the impact of phone fundraiser behaviour on regular donor retention.

The ‘Tele-fundraising Retention Project’ involves a twofold strategy:

  1. Research – data analysis, call listening, interviews and surveys to identify the defining practices of fundraisers who consistently acquire the best or worst performing donors.

  2. Testing – trialling and reviewing strategies for rolling out ‘best practice’ behaviours in programs and measuring the impact on donor retention over time.


The purpose of this project is to develop a comprehensive, quantified understanding of what ‘best practice’ tele-fundraising entails, with a focus on the impact of caller-donor engagement.

Once these standards of best practice have been identified, further research into the influence of data sources and donor stewardship will be undertaken.  

Now, we need you.

We are calling for charities and agencies who are eager to understand and improve their telephone-acquired regular giving donor retention to get in touch and discuss this product further.

Now, let’s make it so.

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