The Irregular Giving Project

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The Irregular Giving Project

Fundraising Partners is the collaboration of three seasoned fundraising consultants, Adam Watson MFIA, Paul Tavatgis MFIA and Peter Coleman Ph.D. Together we share 50 years combined experience, pooling comprehensive expertise in all aspects of face-to-face fundraising.

We at Fundraising Partners believe there is a rare opportunity to transform the landscape of F2F fundraising in Australia and New Zealand. With all F2F fundraising currently on hold, we have the chance to reflect, reconsider and reimagine.


We believe there is a better way forward for F2F fundraising.  


The Irregular Giving Project is the vehicle we are using to gather support.


Our goal is ‘F2F 2.0’.

Join the Conversation

We are looking to start a conversation about how we can collectively improve F2F for everybody. Real change is achieved when we work together. Please register your details below to be part of that change!


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We are committed to taking action to improve the quality and impact of F2F for donors, suppliers, charities and beneficiaries. Please register your details and any ideas you have for improving F2F fundraising in the future.

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